PVFS2 2.9.7: Config File Description

PVFS2 servers are deployed using configuration files that provide information about the file systems, storage locations and endpoints that each server manages. For every pvfs2 deployment, there should be a global config file (fs.conf) shared across all of the pvfs2 servers. When the servers are started up, a command line parameter (server-alias) indicates what options are relevant and applicable for a particular server. This parameter will be used by the server to parse relevant options. Configuration options in the global config files have the following format:

 OptionName OptionValue
An option cannot span more than one line, and only one option can be specified on each line. The OptionValue should be formatted based on the option's type:
  • Integer - must be an integer value
  • String - must be a string without breaks (newlines)
  • List - a set of strings separated by commas
Options are grouped together using contexts, and usually indented within a context for clarity. A context is started with a context start tag, and ended with a context end tag:
     Option1Name Option1Value
     Option2Name Option2Value
Options are required to be defined within a specified context or set of contexts. Sub-contexts can also be specified, and must be defined within their specified parent context. For example, the Range option is specified in either the DataHandleRanges or MetaHandleRanges contexts. Both of those contexts are specified to be defined in the FileSystem context. Details of the required context an option or sub-context must be defined in are given in the Option Details section. Options and contexts that appear in the top-level (not defined within another context) are considered to be defined in a special Global context. Many options are only specified to appear within the Default context, which is a context that allows a default value to be specified for certain options. The options detailed below each specify their type, the context where they appear, a default value, and description. The default value is used if the option is not specified in any of the config files. Options without default values are required to be defined in the config file.

Options Grouped by Context

This is the summarized list of all available options, grouped by the context where they are allowed to appear.











Option Details

Context List

This is the list of possible Contexts that can be used in the config files in this version of PVFS2.

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